Coat of Arms





The Shield is composed of symbols expressing the reality of the diocese, the historic, geographic, linguistic and ethnic cultures of this territory which is an ecclesiastical territory, and which exists due according to the presence of the Diocesan Bishop who has the mission of teaching, sanctifying and governing, represented by the Miter, and Two Lappets, symbolizing the Old and the New Testament. The white expresses the joy of the resurrection. 

On the top of the miter a Golden Cross with five red stones representing the Five Wounds of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, symbol of salvation.

The top quarter left, a rose of Gules, with five green tips, button in the center on a silver background symbol of transparency, justice and truth, expressing English culture, also known as the Tudor Rose, sometimes called the Union Rose.

The top right quarter, the fleur de Lys symbol of French culture on a green background, symbol of hope, peace and the forests that surround us.

The left quarter at the bottom, the Feather symbolizes the Aboriginal peoples of the diocese, on a blue background symbol of the values of the world and the ascension of the soul towards God and celestial virtues, and the color of the blue sky of the Far North and the waters of James Bay.

The right quarter at the bottom, the Bible, on a golden background, symbol of divinity.

At the bottom a banner with the words of Jesus to his disciples: “Ut unum Sint” which translates to “that they may be one”.  This is a Motto that the diocese has chosen.