H. E. Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, S.J.

H. E. the Most Rev.
Terrence Prendergast, S.J.

Apostolic Administrator

Diocese of

Following the resignation of Bishop Bourgon, Pope Francis entrusted Bishop Terrence Prendergast with the pastoral care of our diocese. On December 3, he presided his last mass as Archbishop of Ottawa and celebrated at the same time 25 years as a bishop, a celebration scheduled for last April but that had to be postponed many times because of COVID-19. Here is what he said at the beginning of his ministry:

“Shortly after, I will focus my attention on visiting you as administrator-bishop and getting to know the extent of this massive diocese in northeastern Ontario with its diversity of indigenous, francophone and anglophone faith communities.

My aim as a Bishop has been to listen to those entrusted to my care: first of all to the priests, who are a kind of senate to the Bishop in governing this portion of the People of God; then, to the religious men and women appointed to serve the parishes and missions; and, above all, to the lay faithful — women, men and children — who seek daily to live out their baptismal commitment.

May each of you be willing to be open to me in expressing your hopes and fears, your worries and aspirations as we face the future together seeking reconciliation and renewal. That is a great theme for the new liturgical year we have just begun. Advent encourages us to examine our lives, to reflect on our need for God to enter our lives, to ask for forgiveness and to eagerly await the coming of Christ. Advent is not simply a waiting for someone who has not yet come. Instead, it is a period for enjoyment of the gift of Jesus who has come to save us; and who will come again to reward us. That is my wish for you.

I ask your ongoing prayers for Bishop Robert as he discerns the Lord’s will now for his generous heart and his abiding desire to serve the Church. Pray also for me that in my limited time serving you I may be able to radiate Christ on my face and in my words and actions. Finally, join me in begging the Holy Spirit to prepare already the heart of the one whom God has chosen to minister in the future as the Bishop of Hearst-Moosonee Diocese.