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** 2020 Income tax receipts are now available and can be picked up at the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

For those interested, here is the annual contribution request for the year 2020-2021.

Annual contribution request form (French)

How to support your Mattice Parish during the containment required by the COVID-19 pandemic

Parishioners can:

1. Come deposit their donation at the weekly mass.

2. Make an “Interac E-Transfer” directly to the parish by email to It’s a way to send your weekly contribution easily and safely.

3. Post your donation by mail to: Paroisse de Mattice, Box 40, Mattice, On P0L 1T0

Thank you for your support during these difficult times.




165 Mgr. Proulx Ave

Mattice  ON P0L 1T0

Tel. 705-364-2393


Administrator/Priest (resident): Father John Okoh

     Cell: 705-372-3801

Administrator/Secretary: Rosanne Nolet

    Cell: 705-372-8561


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

* Message from Rosanne Nolet:

Please be advised that I will be away from the office from May 23 to July 20. If you need masses or anything else, please do so before May 23rd. There will only be one newsletter for June and one newsletter for July, so plan ahead. At the moment I only have Mass intentions until the end of May.


This information is noted in your weekly parish bulletin.

Attendance at celebrations are limited because of the pandemic. Please refer to the News and Covid-19 pages for more accurate information.

We continue to offer live masses via our Facebook page on Sunday at 10 am and 11 pm in English on Holy Name of Jesus Hornepayne Facebook page.


June 20, 2021

Congratulations to Sylvie F. Lapointe, winner of the 50/50 from the Mattice Parish. She won a prize in the amount of $14,000.

June 16, 2021

Don’t forget to buy your 50/50 from the parish as the draw is Sunday , June 20th at 11:30 am. Currently we are at an amount of  $ 11,000. to award to the winner.

June 10, 2021:

Our parish’s 50/50 draw is being held next Sunday, June 20, 2021 at 11:30 am “live” on Facebook. We have now gone over the $ 10,300 to award to the winning ticket holder. Help us sell all of our tickets and donate $ 14,000 to the winner. Simply contact me or Adrienne to get your tickets. $ 10
Rosanne 372-8561      Adrienne 364-3486

May 6, 2021:

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers. May this day be filled with love.

Every month of May there is the Rosary for Mary at the church at 6.30 p.m. You are invited to come and pray with our mother Mary to help us get through this pandemic. Have a good week.

Rosanne Nolet

April 8, 2021:

With the new confinement, please do not forget to reserve your place at mass on Saturday and Sunday. We only accept 20 people per mass. Call Rosanne to reserve your place at 705-372-8561

February 19, 2021:

Mattice Parish is having a 50/50 draw on June 20, 2021 to help with its finances.

Tickets will be on sale in Mattice and Hearst. 10$ a ticket or 5 tickets for 50$ (booklet). We do accept etransfers at

We thank you for your support, every little bit helps.

If you wish to buy or help sell tickets some simply call Rosanne 705-372-8561


January 13, 2021

Starting January 14, 2021 at 12:01 am, Ontario  is putting in force a second provincial emergency to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. This will last 28 days and could also be extended. For more details on the regulations, refer to the website

December 27, 2020

Following is the Hearst-Moosonee Diocese Inter-Par of December 27th. This is an important message from Mgr Prendergast, S. J., Diocesan Administrator, regarding provincial measures and our own personal arrangements at this time of isolation.

Inter-Par – December 27, 2020

June 18, 2020

Please note the following poster “Health and Safety Rules to Protect Against Covid-19 At The Entrance And In The Church”, as provided by the Catholic Church of Montreal . (Click on the poster to enlarge)

June 17, 2020

Attention all priests and parishioners of the Hearst-Moosonee diocese.

The Diocese is looking at the possibility of organizing an ecumenical celebration in each area of the diocese once we are freed from constraints of government restrictions. This would be for ALL Catholic and non-Catholic people who have lost a loved one during this pandemic.

For additional details, please refer to the following June 17, 2020 letter from Bishop Robert Bourgon. To show your interest and to better prepare for those celebrations you are invited to contact the Bishop’s office.

2020-06-17 – Ecumenical celebration_English

June 17, 2020

The following is further to the June 13, 2020 news item regarding “Ontario eases restrictions on Wedding and Funeral Ceremonies”.

Refer to the attached French document from the Ministry of Health concerning the restrictions regarding marriages and funeral ceremonies. This document can be confusing, but the difference is between the words “Ceremonies” and “Receptions”.

For a wedding or funeral ceremony held indoors: a maximum of 30% of the capacity of your church.

For a wedding ceremony or funeral held outside: a maximum of 50 people.

For all wedding or funeral receptions held outside or inside the number is 10 people.

Restrictions for wedding and funeral ceremonies and receptions_June 13, 2020 (French)

June 13, 2020

Ontario Eases Restrictions on Wedding and Funeral Ceremonies!

Refer to the original “News Ontario” bulletin and additional information regarding Stage 2 Reopening in Ontario, on the following link:

June 13, 2020 – Restrictions Eased on Wedding and Funeral Ceremonies

The Ontario government is providing more flexibility on the number of attendees permitted at indoor and outdoor wedding and funeral ceremonies, in recognition of the importance of being with loved ones during the moments that matter most.

Based on positive public health trends the government is extending the number of people allowed to attend an indoor wedding or funeral ceremony to a maximum of 30 per cent capacity of the ceremony venue.

Wedding and funeral ceremonies taking place outdoors will be limited to 50 attendees. For both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, those attending must follow proper health and safety advice, including practising physical distancing from people who are not from the same household or their established 10-person social circle.

“With recent progress to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we are able to ease restrictions on these special ceremonies,” said Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health. “We have taken deliberate steps to increase testing and increase our ability to track and contain this virus. As we loosen these measures, I strongly urge everyone to remain careful and cautious as we are all still at risk.”

The changes came into effect on Friday, June 12 at 12:01 a.m. The maximum number of people allowed to attend indoor or outdoor wedding and funeral receptions remains at 10 people. As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves in Ontario, further direction will be provided on capacity restrictions for weddings and funerals going forward.

June 9, 2020

Good news!!!

As you have certainly heard in the media, the churches have received government approval to celebrate Sunday and daily masses with social distancing starting this Friday, June 12. The government allows us to accommodate 30% of the capacity of the church with the distance of 2 meters or 6 feet between each person. So we are able to accommodate around 30 people.

So, this Sunday, June 14, for Mass of the St-Sacrament, we will have a mass in our church at 10 am.  Purell hand sanitizer will be at your disposal at the entrance of the church. Someone will be there to open the door for you. If you prefer to wear your mask this is at your discretion. Communion will be distributed as before, always respecting the distance. There will be no mass servants and the quest will not be made, but a basket will be placed at the entrance of the church.
The choir will also be back to charm you.

Now that our Sunday and weekday masses can resume, we ask that you take note of a few small changes in our celebrations, at least until all the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Additional information should be provided to you in your weekly parish bulletins.

More detailed information concerning “church operations during pandemic emergency situations” is available on

Approved Copy – ACBO Worshipsafe Guidelines

June 8, 2020

We have good news to share today!!

The Ontario government announced a regional approach to Stage 2 of Phase 2 of reopening the province amid the coronavirus pandemic on Monday.

As of Friday at 12:01 a.m., Ontario residents will be allowed to gather in groups of 10 — up from the previous five. Also places of worship will be allowed to reopen, however with physical distancing measures in place and allowing no more than 30 per cent capacity.

Certain public health units will also see the reopening of services such as hairdressers and barbers, restaurant patios and more outdoor spaces.

More detailed information concerning “church operations during pandemic emergency situations” is available on

Approved Copy – ACBO Worshipsafe Guidelines

Please refer to the link below for the Workplace Safety & Prevention Services’ resource entitled Guidance on Health and Safety for Places of Worship During COVID-19.

Guidance on Health and Safety for Places of Worship During COVID-19

This document includes resource links, tips and best practices to help employers and workers prevent the spread of COVID-19 and work together to reopen the province.

Please note that much of what is covered in this resource is also in the Worshipsafe manual..

March 25, 2020

Letter to parishioners regarding the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus on our parish:

Letter to parishioners re Covid-19 – March 25, 2020 (French)